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About JP&R

Owned and operated by Bill Mannion, JP&R is the preeminent legal public notice agency in New York. No other firm surpasses the knowledge and experience of our team of experts. Fluent in every aspect of legal notices, JP&R is the only agency to rely on for all your legal publication needs.

The Team

  • Bill Mannion President

    Bill manages and oversees all day to day operations of JP&R. Always accessible to his clients, Bill's level of willingness to answer questions and offer suggestions is yet to be surpassed by any other principal in the industry. He is also a NYC Department of Consumer Affairs Licensed Auctioneer who conducts UCC and Lien Auction Sales throughout the tri-state region. Bill has appeared as a witness testifying in federal, state and city courts regarding legal notices and auctioneering.
  • Tricia Samaroo Persaud Account Manager

    Tricia has been with JP&R since 1998. She manages foreclosure operations by arranging sale dates with Referees, and publications and postings as needed. She also publishes liquor license application notices. Tricia maintains our statewide network of clerical services and attorneys who attend auction sales of behalf of plaintiff's counsel.
  • Twanda Stafford Account Manager

    For over 10 years, Twanda has been managing the filing of LLCs, creating the required notices, and filing the Affidavits and Certificates with the NY Secretary of State. She also handles publications of Summons with Notice for Family Court and Supreme Court matters. Twanda is responsible for accounts payable and receivable.
  • Beth Gazes Director, Sales & Marketing

    Beth brings over ten years of publishing and sales experience to JP&R. Her knowledge of the legal industry and experiences working with litigation support companies arms her with the ideal skills and knowledge to partner with attorneys and law firms, and provide them with top notch service.